Profit Accumulator Review 2021

Candid Review of Profit Accumulator

People keep asking us to put out a Profit accumulator review. And we can’t help but oblige. 

Of course, we get why so many people are asking for it. There are so many money-making schemes out there of late, and people are now wary of putting in their hard-earned cash into online platforms. And most importantly, a lot of people feel that matched betting is a scam. 

P.A. dashboard

Truth be told, you will find several reviews on Profit Accumulator out there if you make a Google search, with most of them saying very positive things. But if such websites make cool cash by persuading you to join the matched betting company, can you really trust whatever they say? 

That’s why we’re here. If you are looking for a genuine Profit Accumulator review, kindly read on. 

We have compiled a highly detailed, comprehensive, and sincere blog post on Profit Accumulator for anyone having doubts about the company.

However, we advise you to make your conclusions after reading to the end of this post because whatever you find here is our opinion resulting from our personal experience and tests with the website. 

Profit Accumulator: Overview

First, a little about matched betting. 

Matched betting, also known as double betting, is a betting technique by which individuals can make profits from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. You get to place a free bet and then at least one other bet that cancels out the risk from the first bet. 

For example, you place a free bet for a particular result to occur and then an opposing bet for that same result not to occur. In effect, there is no risk of losing money since all possible outcomes have been covered. 

And Profit Accumulator is a matched betting company set up in 2014 by Sam Stoffel.


Although it wasn’t the first company of its kind, its popularity quickly hit the market massively, becoming one of the first matched betting sites known by many. That was most likely due to its strong marketing, which spurred its rapid growth and made it the most prominent service provider in the matched betting industry. 

Its growth and popularity produced significant growth in the industry as well. 


Free TrialMonthly memberhsipAnnual membership
Profit accumulator£30-£45 profit£24.99 platinum
£39.99 diamond
£180 platinum
£300 diamond
Profit accumulator costs

They were initially charging a fee of £22.99 monthly (you can opt-out whenever you feel like), along with an additional £15.99 for using their extra tools (all totalling £38.98). But they currently charge £24.99 monthly. You could also pay £180 as a one-time payment for the whole year. When you calculate this, it amounts to just £15 per month. Diamond membership cost £39.99 per month or £300 per year. It includes 100s of casino bonuses.

This tremendous price slash most likely was done to make them stay more competitive because other matched betting sites were rising fast.

They also currently offer a loyalty scheme:  members who have stayed for over a year get to save more on fees. 

They’re highly competitive when it comes to price. Not many matched betting sites out there can boast of such low prices for the same range of services. However, we cannot praise a product or service provider because of their pricing alone. We definitely need to consider the quality of service they are offering for that price. 

So, what can we say about Profit Accumulator’s products and services?

You will find all the answers you seek in this review.

To give you the most detailed and best review on Profit Accumulator, we’ve analysed each element of their products and services in this highly expository blog post. 

Read on, and you won’t regret you did. 

Analysis of Their Products and Services

Profit Accumulator has a wide range of products and services to help its members navigate matched betting. 

Whether you’re a newbie or desire to upgrade into horse racing or other advanced aspects of the site, their aim is to cater to everybody. 

Tutorial Videos and How-To Content

If you’re a complete newbie in the world of Profit Accumulator, you’ll likely be more interested in going through their guides, training, and tutorial videos. 

To see if you’ll be able to learn much from these videos, we randomly picked a “sportsbook” offer and went through it. 

However, we omitted the most vital information out of respect for those paying to view this premium content. 

On watching the video, we realized that it is explanatory enough to guide almost anyone through the process of making some cash from the sign-up offer.

However, the video length is somewhat on the high side – over 12 minutes long – and not everyone would have the patience. We noticed it could have easily been minimized to make it even 4 minutes shorter. Nonetheless, the length allows beginners to grasp a more detailed understanding of the information provided. 

If you prefer written content over videos, you can find a comprehensive step-by-step guide on the offer page.

We also discovered the write-up to be clear enough for newbies to understand how to make profits off the platform.

Profit Accumulator recommends beginners to follow both the video and written content, but most people would be just fine with one alone. Using the two, however, would obviously get you more familiar with the system. 

Profit Accumulator has a plethora of tutorials that walk you through all the offers. They cover everything from signing up to locating your bet, knowing what odds to bet on, receiving your free bet, wagering or rollover requirements, and everything in between. 

There’s so much detail that it becomes hard to make mistakes. 

They put new betting offers up every day, and they never forget to create tutorials for each one of them. 

We are never surprised when beginners ask about the risks of using Profit Accumulator. But the answer is always the same: there are NO risks when it comes to matched betting unless you make a mistake while placing a bet. 

People also ask about how legitimate Profit Accumulator is and if it works. Yes, without a doubt! Profit Accumulator works, and it is as legit as they come. 

You have an ocean of opportunities on the platform to make money weekly, whether or not you’ve signed up already to bookmakers. 

And it does not matter if you’ve been betting for years, or you’re a total stranger in the world of matched betting. The site is for everyone alike. 


PA also have a blog where they post regular post such as news, profits earnings, real testimonials, guides etc.

On Their Ongoing Offers & Profits 

Surprisingly, people think that matched betting gives you profit only from the sign-up offers, and after signing up to a bookmaker, you can count your profit-making days over.

Nothing can be further from the truth.  

Whether you already have a Bet365 or Coral account, or any bookmaker whatsoever, you can still make incredible amounts of money monthly from matched betting. 

Why is that? The answer is Reload Offers. 

Reload offers are those offers you can partake in if you’ve already signed up to a bookmaker. 

And this is where the cash really is; you get to earn each and every month consistently. 

Profit Accumulator says they have the most offers and the largest offers team than all other matched betting sites. This practically means they have a large staff working tirelessly to provide more offers – more money-making opportunities – and guiding members on how to use them. 

We cannot verify this claim. But one thing’s for sure: the team keeps releasing more and more offers out.

You can find all their offers on the “Platinum forum”. It’s therefore easy to find your way around each of them. 

Aside from the reload offers, you can still make tremendous profits from other offers, including the casino and bingo offers. 

Then there’s the “£1,000 per month” forum thread which lists any offer that can assure you of at least a thousand pounds profit monthly. 

Users can use this as a reliable guideline to earn a significant profit from less risky reloads every month. However, one may suffer restrictions from bookmakers because some offers get frequently repeated.


Oddmatcher is an odds-searching software that searches for and shows you the best odds to bet on, using maths. 

If you’re new in the matched betting world, then it’s time to know that this is the tool you’ll be using most in this online money-making space. 

You don’t get to bet randomly based on your knowledge or instincts. Using the oddsmatcher tool, you will find just the odds you need.

And fortunately, Profit Accumulator now has an oddsmatcher software that sports a host of impressive features to help everyone bet with ease. 

The company was initially using the oddsmatcher developed by Oddsmonkey until 2017 when the two companies became strong competitors. 

That former oddsmatcher had its shortcomings, some of which have been addressed in this new version.

Profit Accumulator’s odds matching software hosts a plethora of markets within football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, American football, and baseball.

The software makes life so much easier for bettors because you wouldn’t have to manually search for odds on bookmaker sites. All you have to do is select the bookmaker within the oddsmatcher and the odds you want. It may sound complex now, but after using it for 24 hours, you’ll surely get the hang of it. 

You can also use the oddsmatcher for arbitrage bets. They built a calculator into the software to do all your calculations for you so you can just click on the odds and place your bet effortlessly. 

However, the most distinguishing feature between Profit Accumulator’s oddsmatcher and that of its competitor is its ability to auto-refresh. 

Profit Tracker

It’s not surprising that Profit Accumulator comes with a profit tracker, a unique spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your bets and profit, as well as whatever notes you make. 

Of course, people want to have such a spreadsheet because it’s important you know your progress with whatever financial activity you’re into. Are you making a loss or a profit? How much profit have you made on your past bets? 

Profit Accumulator’s profit tracker helps you know all of that at a glance. 

As icing on the cake, the tool comes with a feature similar to a balance sheet for tracking your deposits, withdrawals, and bankroll.

The balance sheet is very simple to use and is something that the industry has lacked for years. But thanks to Profit Accumulator, you can now stay organised and keep track of your activities, something that once proved difficult for people who have signed up on several bookmakers. 


A major challenge for betters is figuring out how much money they need to put in to make a certain profit. But Profit Accumulator’s matched betting calculator does all the calculations for you in the twinkle of an eye. 

All you have to do is input the odds and the stake of your bet, and the calculator tells you the amount to bet with and how much return on investment to expect. 

Note: it doesn’t matter the outcome of the game. The beginner guides will teach you how to use the calculator, so you have nothing to worry about. 

There are different types of calculators you’ll come across as you advance through the levels. The 2-up lock-in calculator for 2-up offers is one of the most popular ones you’ll see. 

Profit Accumulator Match Catcher

The PA’s Match Catcher is somewhat like the oddsmatcher but specifically for horse racing special offers.

It refreshes in real-time, thus giving you more up-to-date odds. 

During high-grade horse racing events like the Grand National, the Match Catcher can be a blessing. 

Notably, it only includes races having promotions and bookmakers that are also running the same promos. It does this daily.

A highly relevant feature of this tool is that it allows you to remove a race from the filter once you’ve concluded the offers on that very race. In case you do not have access to a bookmaker, you can as well completely remove it from the filter.

The Match Catcher will potentially offer you time savings whenever you use it, thereby boosting your matched betting’s returns.

Accumulator Software

The Accumulator Software, also known as the Acca Catcher, enables you to make profits from accumulator offers. 

These accumulator offers are for a bit more experienced bettors, so you shouldn’t worry about them if you’re just starting out. Our review on Acca Catcher is that it helps you complete accumulators and stay updated about them round-the-clock.

Acca Catcher gives you two options from which you can make money on accumulators.  The options are “regular” and “lay all.”

You choose based on your risk tolerance. With “regular,” you select several games while ensuring none overlaps. You then lay each leg one-by-one according to the result. On the other hand, with lay all, you lay all the games in advance. 

The options are +EV (positive expected value), so bettors can profit from their chosen accumulators. 

If you are still new to the matched betting system, we advise you to not worry yourself about Acca Catcher until you are well-grounded in the basics.

Their Forum

Profit Accumulator’s forum is a community of matched bettors of varying experience levels, moderators, and staff. You can post questions on the forum and get help instantly.

P.A fourm

What makes the forum even more appealing is the fact that the people there do not only help you out with your questions; they also share new tips and great odds that can help boost your profits. They often joke and discuss casually as well. In general, a forum is a place for remote betting “friends.”

However, you need to guard your heart: you will often see people posting about the large sums of money they’ve placed on bets, and you may feel intimidated. Worse still, it may compel you to use more money than you can afford in an attempt to make big cash like the big guys. But always remember to cut your coat according to your size. 

So long you make a profit, no matter how small, it is growth. 

It is also helpful if you can take those big money stakers as a source of motivation rather than intimidation. If everybody starts making huge bets because they heard someone made big stakes, there may be a reduction in the number of offers released. Also, many members will likely run into jams with their bankroll limits and withdrawals. 

Again, remember to always bet on what you’re comfortable with. 

One thing we noticed in the forum is the disturbingly high level of moderation. For example, the moderators restrict people from mentioning the products and services of Profit Accumulator’s competitors. Although some level of moderation is required to maintain order in such chat rooms, we believe that if you regard your services to be excellent, you wouldn’t care about people talking about your competitors. 

Success Stories

Profit Accumulator has thousands of success stories, many of which are vastly talked about in the different clubs on their forum. 

There is the £1k profit club, £3k profit club, £10k profit club, £25k, and even £50k profit club. Each of them has numerous members engaging in matched betting on the platform. They all share their success stories very frequently. 

Aside from the stories, these clubs are known for motivating other upcoming bettors. As I have said earlier, you can always take the activities of those big bettors as a source of motivation rather than intimidation. 

Jamies made 5 figure in 2015

Emma’s earnings

There’s also a place on the forum where you get to show off all the things you’ve spent your matched betting profits on. Talk about pieces of jewellery, motorcycles, and luxury cars (hehe). It’s all a place to share your success stories and motivate others that they, too, can make cool cash on the platform.

On P.A’s Customer Support Team

Now regarding Profit Accumulator’s customer service, we can confidently say that the agents are good enough.  

From our assessment, they are highly knowledgeable in matched betting and typically offer intelligent responses to questions regarding their matched betting service, both on phone and email. But as with all company’s, there are times when you will get unsatisfactory assistance with your issues. But in general, their customer support team is alright. 

If you do not make your money back, Profit Accumulator will definitely refund your money. So there’s really nothing to lose from our assessment. 

Sam sends out regular emails such as this one.

Profit Accumulator in Comparison with Its Competitors

With its emergence, Profit Accumulator brought popularity to the matched betting industry and became the largest matched betting company. It currently has the largest network of active users. But as you well know, once you start making waves in any business, other people will start delving into it and competing with you. Some even go ahead to create better offers or features. 

Now, there’s a smoking hot competition between Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey regarding which is better for sports matched betting.

Many people prefer Profit Accumulator, while others prefer Oddsmonkey, which isn’t surprising at all. They both offer free trials, so you can check out both sites to know which of them gives you a smoother experience. 

When it comes to casino bettings, however, you may want to try Profit Maximiser instead. Their casino offers are exceptional.  

Some people would rather use free matched betting sites as opposed to paid sites like Profit Accumulator. But such platforms typically give less returns, say £200 monthly. That’s pretty much okay. 

But if you wish to make over 3 figures monthly, then you should be ready to make a worthy investment. The investment is just as if you’re paying the site to take the betting analysis burden off of you and giving you great odds on a platter of gold. 

Final Words

5 stars

From all our assessment, we can sincerely say that Profit Accumulator absolutely deserves 5 stars. It is a great site for matched betting if you’re looking at ease of navigation, customer support, the easy learning process, withdrawal, and how much profit you can make monthly. 

If you’re looking for a great matched betting site that wouldn’t give you hassles, we strongly recommend Profit Accumulator.

Want to head on to the site right away?