Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey Comparison

Which Platform is Best for You?

In the world of Matched Betting, people make money off free bets distributed from the bookmakers. It’s a low-risk way of profiting based on the incentives available on platforms that offer them. While people grind for long hours racking up incentives, many have participated in the great argument over which platform is the best. The two matched betting softwares – Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey are the hottest on the market.

The Two Services at a Glance

Features Profit accumulator Oddsmonkey
Free to signup 7 days trial 7 days trial
Free trial Earn over £40 Earn up to £56 profit
Monthly price £24.99(1) £39.99(2) £19.99
Annually £180(1) £300(2) £180
Profit calculator Simple and easy Solid
Profit tracker Sophisticated Easy to use
Established 2014 2011
Forums Lots of information Fairly good information
Refund 30 days full refund 30 days full refund
0115 824 3730
Ratings 4.6 4.9
Source Try PA for free Try OM for free

(1) Diamond membership (2) Platinum membership

There is no doubt matched betting is a great strategy to make money because of the low risk. You do however, have to put in the time to make profit. Matched betters have to spend their time wisely finding offers with solid odds so they won’t lose out. This is how Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey fit in the picture. The two services offer a much smoother process when people have their go at matched betting.

Both platforms have one-click options to make betting easier. They have loyalty programs available for existing matched betters, along with ultra-quick softwares. You’re also going to notice that both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey have very similar subscription packages offered. There are free, monthly, and annual subscriptions available. Both services have a bunch of features and forums where you can see hundreds of thousands of users showing support on their respective side.

Key Features

Price Accumulator

  • Free to sign up option (7 day trial)
  • Established in 2014
  • Tons of step by step guides and tutorials for making money
  • Plenty of information in forums based on your matched betting goals
  • Sophisticated profit tracker
  • Simple + Easy to use profit calculator


  • Free to sign up option (7 day trial)
  • Established in 2011
  • Tons of step by step guides and tutorials for making money
  • Fairly good information found in forums
  • Easy to use profit tracker
  • Solid profit calculator


Price is always an important factor for matched betters. Maximizing profits is always the goal when it comes to matched betting which makes your platform choice crucial. Let’s look at how the price of both Price Accumulator and Oddsmonkey compare to each other.

Oddsmonkey has a free option available when you sign up. You have a seven day trial offered by Oddsmonkey which is great for somebody trying matched betting for the first time. After the trial is up, you’ll have to switch to the premium version. The monthly price you will pay for premium is £19.99. The annual price on the other hand is £180

As for Profit Accumulator, they also have a seven day trial available. The pricing is similar to Oddsmonkey with a small, yet important difference. The monthly price for a premium subscription is £24.99. The annual price however, is £180.

We have to give Profit Accumulator the edge on price. The annual subscription is significantly cheaper than Oddsmonkey if you opt to pay upfront for the annual price. It’s a no-brainer option for long-term matched betters. Since both platforms offer almost identical value to matched betters, the price factor could be huge here.

Odds Matching Software

Matched betting services almost always give you some kind of odds matching software. It’s a great way to let you see what the big picture exchanges and bookmakers are offering. You could analyze the current odds which is how matched betters mitigate their chances of losing bets. Matched betters are risk averse, so they always want to see the best odds available.

Both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey are rather similar with their odds making software. They each have filters that make for easy sorting. For example, here’s some filters that both platforms give you.

Event Types

  • Date (Day or Exact Time)
  • Kind of Bet
  • Bookmaker
  • Exchange
  • Rating (By %)
  • Average Dollar Profit

In order to make the most out of their bets, matched betters want their odds between bookmakers and exchanges to be tight as possible. This lets matched betters hold on to more free betting value since they are playing the long game. Overall, it’s a similar display for both platforms which we could call a draw here.

Ease of Use

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a platform with an easy learning curve. Matched betters need a platform that gets right to point. Matched betting software that is easy to use should show you all of your current offers available, your profits, and your potential losses.

Oddsmonkey has a good way of keeping your experience simple and clean. They show your guaranteed profit rather than calculating it yourself. The way Oddsmonkey shows all of your promotions is also concise. They even show you the most popular offers right now from casinos and sportsbook signup offers, to Bingo and Reload offers.

Profit Accumulator on the other hand, offers a pretty similar easy experience. It’s also easy to use but the display of promotions is different. Profit Accumulator has a larger selection of offers that you could choose from. It may take some more navigating through offers, but if you are broad with them it could be better for you. However, they don’t have the hottest bets section available like Oddsmonkey does.

Both matched betting softwares also have neat progress trackers as you complete your offers. Overall, we give a slight edge to Oddsmonkey here for having a popular promotions section. It makes it easier to weed through the bad offers and get right to the good ones.

User Experience

As expected from two well established matched betting platforms, you’ll get what you pay for. Both platforms offer high quality user experience with great, similar features but just look packaged and presented a little differently.

For Profit Accumulator, you’ll get amazing forums that are matched with your needs. This cuts down your time when you’re looking for a useful discussion rather than irrelevant matched betting information. Profit Accumulator will also auto-refresh your odd matching options within the software. This is great for real-time data that is smooth and always up to date. There are also over a dozen types of calculators along with spreadsheets so you could track your profits and history. Plenty advanced matched betting tools are available .

For Oddsmonkey, you’ll also see great forums with different perspectives on betting information. Although, it may not be as robust as Profit Accumulator. The dashboard on Oddsmonkey does have a cool feature – The Daily Offers Calendar. Here, you’ll see a list of daily offers available along with your expected profit. Matched betters love calculating their profits, and Oddsmonkey doesn’t disappoint. They have 11 types of calculators (slightly less than Profit Accumulator) along with spreadsheets for organization.

This choice could almost come down to a preference rather than a verdict. We give oddsmonkey the edge because it has more resources available. From the offers shown, auto-refresh capability, and calculation, to the excellent forums, it’s your safe choice. For the sake of user experience, you can’t go wrong with either. But oddsmonkey seems more tailored towards serious, long-term matched betters.